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I want to bury myself in the dirt until I turn into a tree. My roots will grow deep until I can never be pulled from the Earth.

I’m tired of this thing where fat guys are only attractive if they also have muscles. It’s dumb and tired and really fetishized. It’s about as bad as fat girls only being acceptable if they have “curves” and big boobs. How about, ALL body types have the potential to be sexy? Considering “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO BE ATTRACTED TO!!!!” is such a big deal to most people, they sure seem to let societal standards do exactly that.

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    You just sent me a message that you have reported me for talking to you and you send me a reply to this post? Well im...
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    No, actually, it does come from magazines. It comes from popular media. It comes from entertainment. It comes from every...
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    Amen. All body types are beautiful! Are lovely! Are wonderful! All of them!Stop Body Shaming. Lovely Fattie 💋