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I want to bury myself in the dirt until I turn into a tree. My roots will grow deep until I can never be pulled from the Earth.
Message me with a character that you associate me with.


A character that makes you think of me every time, any fandom, original character, whatever!

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Impact by Miranda Brandon

Birds colliding with buildings

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Ugh there’s a hot dude sending me messages on OKCupid who wants to hook up with me, but I’m just really not into it right now. I feel like I should take anything I can get, especially guys that are way too attractive to even be interested in me in the first place, but I don’t feel up to flirting or sending sexual comments or anything. Like, my recent experiences with casual sex have been much more anxiety producing than pleasurable or liberating, and what I really want is just to meet someone and click with them and talk about things and get to know each other and then have chemistry with them and go from there, but I feel like that’s not something I’m allowed to have and it sucks. I can’t even get up the confidence to message this guy back and this isn’t a chance I’m going to get again.